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Power surges can be dangerous for the device and lead to several accidents on the site. Hence, it is crucial to install an Isolation Transformer, especially while using sensitive equipment. Trutech Products is one of the noted Isolation Transformer Manufacturers In Mumbai. We have a manufacturing department that enables us to engineer each unit considering diverse customizations and industry standards. Furthermore, to maintain the quality and performance, we test it on various grounds, and once it passes all tests, we give it a final nod for delivery.

Advantages Of Using An Isolation Transformer:

  • Ensure better safety of the appliances and humans.
  • Reduce power surges for smooth functioning of the devices.
  • Highly efficient and reduce vibrations and noises from the process.
  • Ensure better power quality and enable the device to work at its optimized level.

Features Of Our Isolation Transformers:

  • Require no extra filters.
  • Isolate sensitive devices.
  • High operating frequency.
  • Wide operating voltage rating.
  • Highly durable and corrosion-resistant.
  • Consume less power and require low maintenance.

Reduce Surges, Increase Safety With Our Isolation Transformers!

Being counted among top-notch Isolation Transformer Exporters and Suppliers In India, we keep in mind varied client requirements and bring custom-made units accordingly. You can submit your direct enquiry via the website or call our executives to discuss more.

Isolation Transformer

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